Our Story

Cozy Affluence is a small family owned business based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The founders, Selina and Katricia, are a mother daughter team and have been wellness practitioners for nearly 20 years combined.  Selina (mom) is certified reiki level II and teaches meditation.  Katricia, Selina's daughter, is a yoga instructor and is also reiki level II certified.  Cozy Affluence is a spinoff under their wellness company, Katricia Kelly Yoga & Wellness, LLC.

They have always enjoyed a calm and peaceful environment surrounded by comfort and style.  Especially while they are teaching a class!  The idea of creating their own products came up when they started remodeling their home.  Katricia always incorporates various fragrances in her yoga classes and has them throughout the house.  Selina is the same and has always excelled with making things.  That includes knitting & sewing. Before you knew it, their idea came to life!

Selina and Katricia lovingly handcrafts chunky knit blankets, aromatic soy wax candles, and refreshing room sprays to bring warmth and serenity to your space.  Each piece is a testament to their dedication to comfort, quality, and the art of home-making. Most people just want to feel comfortable in their home. Team Cozy thrives at making that a reality for all of their customers by offering a variety to keep you interested. Changing scents and colors throughout the year during various seasons, but keeping the basics and best sellers all year round.  As they continue to grow, they will incorporate more cozy items to enhance your home.

Selina and Katricia are also both animal lovers and welcomed a little rescue dog, Tazzy, into their home in August 2022.  This little guy loves blankets, so they made a couple of them just for him to enjoy.  Hey, if you're part of the family, then you have to have a blanket too!  They just might name a candle after him one day.  You never know...

Partial proceeds from sales will go to various animal shelters and organizations throughout the Las Vegas valley.

The Founders of Cozy Affluence
Animal Foundation